The Popwish Story

Experiences make things memorable.

Greetings can be magical in the way they transport feelings through articulated words. However, most greeting cards miss out on crafting an experience around the written content. What if the card was just as important as the words written on it?  

At popwish, we are committed to designing and crafting unique greeting card experiences to make sure your wishes receive the attention they deserve and remain as an unforgettable token of your appreciation and love. 
Starting with around 20 initial designs, together with our partners, we are constantly designing new cards to offer you the one card that truly speaks to you. 
If you haven’t found the card you are looking for, make sure to check out our customisation.
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Every popwish card is carefully handcrafted in Vietnam, where we make sure to promote fair wages.
Our manufacturer is run and operated by women, who promote their independence in a country where generally, women are still very dependent on their spouses.

Revolutionising direct mail marketing
In a world where corporations find it harder and harder to establish meaningful connections with their customers, popwish is the solution.
Leave your customers speechless by showing you care. You will be rewarded with loyalty and engagement.
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The Face behind the Brand:

Mark Oldenburg calls Frankfurt am Main, Germany, his hometown, which he left to pursue an international education in business. Now, Mark is combining his education and passion to run Popwish. He understands Popwish as a heart-to-heart business, providing an intimate shopping experience and familiar customer relationships. Popwish is meant to spread love and joy by offering unforgettable greeting experiences. Cards that make every heart smile.