Christmas & Christmas Cards

December 15, 2015

So it is that special time of the year again. 
With burning anticipation we await our christmas holidays.
A time that is reserved for our families to get together and reflect on what is truly important to us. For most it is the time of the year that is most filled with love, happiness in the comfort of the fireplace. 

As we understand our cards to be much more than just greeting or christmas cards, but rather small pieces of art that enable you to gift a smiling heart,  we have naturally worked hard on designing and crafting personalised christmas cards that will guarantee your recipients excitement and the special moment of awe. 

In our Christmas collection, you will find 3D Pop Up Christmas Cards from Snowman christmas cards, our christmas tree christmas cards, to our Snowflake christmas cards as well as the newly released Madonna Christmas card. 

We hope that these special cards will bring you and your recipients love, joy and happiness and that they may complete your christmas presents. 

We sincerely wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year.

Your Popwish-Team

Popwish is turning wishes into unforgettable experiences

Popwishcards are handcrafted, 3D pop-up greeting cards that are so rich in detail, you can’t help, but be astonished.

Imagine you send your friends a greeting card, so unique and extraordinary that it will become your friend’s trophy on the book shelf. A place from which it serves as a constant reminder of your caring friendship. Thanks to Popwish, this is no longer the unlikely case, but rather a guarantee.


Founded this summer in a small town next to Frankfurt, Germany, Popwish is commitment to designing and crafting unforgettable greeting card experiences in order to spread joy and happiness, worldwide. Indeed, Popwish cards are pop-up greeting cards that unfold magically, leaving every receiver in awe.

Their collection covers every occasion, from a pop-up birthday cake for the special birthday wish to a beautiful cherry blossom tree making the perfect mother’s day gift. You haven’t found the right card, but you have an idea? Based on your idea and preferences, their customisation service makes any kind of structure and card possible.


For all companies that are sick and tired of having single digit opening rates on their emails, but want to have an engaging relationship with their customers, Popwish is the answer.
Introducing Popwish Marketing, Popwish creates direct mail that not only pops out, but stands out. Whether greeting cards, business cards or promotions, Popwish enables companies to engage their customers in a innovative, caring way.

Make sure to have a look on their website,, or get a peek of their products by following their social media accounts, where you can find them under the name popwishcards.